Melchior-Daniel-AboutDaniel Melchior has 20+ years’ of Global Business Service Center experience as both a practitioner and consultant.  Dan has acquired multi-function, multi-industry expertise that allows him to see a vision for the future through the lens of contextual reality. With a penchant for making the complex simple, he has developed the strategies and designed, implemented, optimized, and managed Shared Services centers for companies such as Cemex, Universal Studios/Music, Southern Wine & Spirits, and Best Buy. Dan’s risen through the Shared Services ranks to lead teams in AP, AR, Imaging, PMO, Procurement, Finance, and HR. He’s an advisor to clients including Wells Fargo, Lowes, Snyder’s-Lance, and Stewart Title.

Dan shares his pioneering experience in his narrative book, Shared Services: A Manager’s Journey (Wiley), his keynotes, and his blog. An evangelist for Shared Services as a viable means for keeping jobs on-shore, Dan says, “Shared Services does not equal outsourcing.”

Motivating people is what Dan enjoys most about Shared Services, and he’s honed in on the commonalities across sectors and lines of business that can move teams forward and connect with the corporate vision. He’s witnessed the ways that those with an entrepreneurial spirit and ability to adapt to change succeed in these initiatives. Having lived and worked in Evansville, Charlotte, Miami, and Minneapolis, Dan has also invested much of his diverse personal life pursuing change as these changes fuel his creativity.

A notable business writer, Dan also has a passion for creative writing including, short stories, poetry, and his standup comedy sets. Using the stage name, Dan Carr, he’s performed in comedy clubs in Florida, North Carolina, Indiana & Minnesota.  His ability to tell stories in humorous and memorable ways certainly makes him a sought after business speaker.

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