Shared Services: “Run it Like a Business”

When choosing a shared services leader it is important to pick someone who really knows what it means to “run it like a business”.  Not everyone is well equipped or prepared to do this.  Often times, organizations make the mistake of choosing a leader who is very technically proficient within a particular function(s) but lacking in general manager type skills.  A good shared services leader understands the need to satisfy and sometimes even attract customers, monitor and improve results, motivate diverse teams and continuously do so in an efficient manner.

Finding a shared services leader that understands all of these aspects can sometimes be difficult.  When looking within the organization, don’t be afraid to look within a business unit for someone who has managed a business because that is exactly what a shared services leaders should be doing, managing a business.  Leaders who have managed businesses understand that customers have a choice and if the quality and cost is not optimal, they can go to another provider.  Granted, some shared services is mandated and the customers do not have a choice, but a good leader still operates as if the customers do have a choice.

Finally, when grooming future leaders it is important to understand that breadth of knowledge in shared services is very important.  Build a program that allows your employees to work in other areas of interest that might be unrelated to the job they are doing today.  Bright people can learn everything they need to know about a function, given appropriate training and mentoring.

Just remember that any business is only as good as those who work there and shared services is obviously no different.  Select leaders that will truly run the organization as a business because those leaders know that talent equals success when running a business.



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