Daniel Melchior is an entertaining keynote speaker on Shared Services and many other topics including Change Management, Motivation and Humor in the workplace. The speaker you can even put on the stage after lunch, Dan’s creative use of humor and real-world stories makes these sometimes “dry” topics memorable and actionable. Because Shared Services cannot be addressed without also talking about how it affects the people in the organization, adaptation to change is always a key ingredient in Dan’s presentations.

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Shared Services Presentations

Getting the Most out of Shared Services

Shared Services is a proven strategy that most Fortune 100 companies have implemented. As well, countless mid-sized companies and public sector entities have implemented, are implementing, or are currently evaluating the strategy. However, simply implementing shared services is not the end of the journey. Like any business, some shared services organizations are more successful than others and, quite honestly, some have failed. Why are some more successful than others? What are the proven strategic differentiators? Learn the answers to these questions and much more.

Dan will share his experiences and the many lessons he has learned designing, implementing, managing and optimizing shared services. Points he covers include:

  • Overcoming resistance
  • Finding the right talent
  • Balancing cost & quality
  • Measuring success
  • Adding real tangible value to the enterprise
  • Mining and sharing actionable data
Shared Services ≠ Outsourcing

Like it or not, shared services is often equated with outsourcing. Economists, politicians, executives and many others often confuse the two. This confusion can be a significant reason shared services are not successful, never implemented, or not even considered as a strategic option. Many of the most successful shared services centers use their own employees in their own geography to deliver outstanding results.

Dan shares the truth about shared services and outsourcing. This topic is highly relevant in today’s political and economic climate. Points covered include:

  • Success stories in non-outsourced shared services
  • How to find shared services talent within your own enterprise
  • Shared services center location strategies
  • Facts outsourcers don’t often share
  • Biases and conflicts in the consulting industry

Select Speaking Engagements

  • Credit Research Foundation:  Shared Services Discussion Group, May 2017, Chicago
  • SAP Financial Shared Services Conference, August 2015, Miami
  • The Conference Board – Shared Services Conference, November 2012, Chicago
  • North Highland Annual Meeting, January 2012, Atlanta
  • North Highland Annual Meeting, January 2011, Atlanta
  • The Conference Board – Shared Services Conference, November 2010, Chicago
  • Shared Services Week 2010, March 2010, Orlando
  • North Highland Annual Meeting, January 2010
  • Insights Conference 2009, October 2009, New York
  • Shared Services Week 2009, March 2009, Orlando
  • Procure-to-Pay Summit, September 2008, Chicago
  • Shared Services for Finance & Accounting, July 2008, Boston
  • Shared Services Week 2008, March 2008, Orlando

Dan has also honed his delivery at comedy clubs across the nation. Check out this clip from his standup comedy sets.

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