Summertime Shared Services

As summer rapidly approaches the temperature starts to rise, the sun appears more often and our team’s thoughts often turn to picnics, BBQs and vacations.  So how do you maintain productivity and focus when there are so many other distractions?  It’s really pretty simple;  monitor and incent team goals and results.  Everyone on the team deserves the chance to get away, unwind, relax and enjoy time with their friends and family.

During weeks when team members are out, those who are working need to continue to achieve the team results and the same will be done for them when they are away.  A constant focus on team results ensures that regardless of why people are out, the results will continue.  Individual performance will obviously still be monitored but the public focus needs to be on the team not the individual.  That said, make sure the culture is conducive to collaboration, idea generation, continuous improvement and celebration of victories.  Enjoy summer!

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